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Create Macro to configure FileSave dialog, Windows at startup and also to update FileSave Dialog’s SaveAs value according to currently selected Save type. For example, if FileSave dialog’s “Save as PDF” type is selected, then FileSave Dialog’s “Save As PDF” value should update to point to the PDF extension.
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The FileSaveDlg uses multiple checks and commands to find and store the currently selected file’s type and name in the registry.
This can be set on startup from the FileSaveDlg button on the FileSaveDlg form.
You can also set these values from the FileSaveDlg form from any standard Windows application.
This allows you to keep the same FileSaveDlg dialog on the same computer for multiple file types at one time.
KeyMACRO Description:
This Macro creates a FileSaveDlg with an auto change of the FileSaveDlg’s SaveAs value based on the currently selected Save type. For example, if FileSave dialog’s “Save as PDF” type is selected, then FileSave Dialog’s “Save as PDF” value should update to point to the PDF extension.
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– Main window with built-in preview of all active virtual desktops
– Workspaces with individual windows
– Shortcut icons on the desktop
– Desktop windows restored on program launch
– All set on the main window

VirtualDesktop is freeware. It can be downloaded here.

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The objective of this research was to test the accuracy of a technique to determine the flood level, the elevation at which the flood stage intersects the mean sea level. Methods used to compute this are tedious, and the technique tested requires only that the elevation and slope of the plain be known. A description of the technique is given