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KeyMacro allows you to easily paste into the composition a sequence of simple keyframes, from which you can extract all the information necessary to represent your animation, generating an XML-based K-Frame file.

In addition, you can easily assign actions to keyframes, save the K-Frame as a new composition or import it into an external application for further processing. KeyMacro is a fully-featured editor that allows you to specify the entire animation from the first frame to the last.

It allows you to edit individual frames and check the preview of the composition.

On the right-hand side of the screen, you can manage the associations and actions of each keyframe. You can edit the associated actions, and add new actions to the previously defined group.

The format of K-Frames

Each K-Frame is the basic unit of an animation. A K-Frame is an XML file that contains all the information necessary to represent an animation.

The format of a K-Frame file

The K-Frame format has been designed to be easily processed in most of the applications that read and manage K-Frames, including the following:




Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Softimage

Autodesk MotionBuilder

Adobe Flash

Maya Python


Adobe Photoshop


K-Frame format

K-Frame format allows you to create and save an animation file in a very simple way. All the frames of the animation can be stored in XML files and, therefore, it is easy to access the frames that you need, modify them and save the file again.

Each K-Frame is a simple XML file, where all the data is contained.

K-Frame format properties

You can save and load files, creating a new file every time you click on “Save K-Frame as…”.

All the K-Frames in the same folder are saved, meaning that they can be saved, deleted, restored, etc.

You can open and edit a K-Frame directly in the editor.

All the data of the keyframes is clearly marked, allowing you to visually check the position of the keyframes and adjust them.

You can check the preview of the composition before saving. 384a16bd22

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This is a useful little utility if you work often with Microsoft Word and frequently like to enter important numbers in the right format.
The description of the macro is as follows:
If you use Delphi 6, install the “BlahMac” project. If you use other Delphi versions, download the BlahMac package and run the “Setup.exe” application.
1) Find the text string of the cell or paragraph you want to fill in.
2) Press Ctrl+M.
3) A screen with 10 pre-defined keystrokes for performing various formatting operations will appear.
4) You can now type the text string you found in step 1. This text string will be
formatted in the selected cell or paragraph and any editing will be lost. Press
a keyboard shortcut for undoing.
5) If you press Del in step 4, the macro will undo all the formatting
6) If you press one of the other 9 keyboard shortcuts, the macro will
automatically format the current text string. If you press the Del key, the
macro will exit the macro editor.
You can find more information at
(c) Jan Vratislav Ekl 2002-2005, all rights reserved

“Microsoft announced that Office 2007 will use the latest version of Open XML
Office format. “Standards Make the Future”, reported by John Markoff in the
New York Times on Thursday, April 11, 2006. A few days later, Microsoft and
Hewlett Packard have a beta version of Office 2007 available, using Open
XML. So it seems that this new version of Open XML is going to be widely
There is, however, an alternative: “What do you think
about the new Office?”, asked an e-mail. This software, announced in October
2005 by a small but growing group of enthusiasts, is coming as a fork of
the project to get rid of its own dependencies on XML and JSP.
You can find more information at ”

A new feature called quick switch is introduced in Delphi 6. The
quick switch option is available with button events as well as with the
hotkey feature. So that users can