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Anti-malware and system optimization tool
Real-time protection against malware
Run quick, full or custom scans to detect malware
PC maintenance and address adware components

Anti-malware and system optimization tool


Wise Anti Malware guarantees that your computer remains secure without having to choose between performance and functionality. In fact, the security solution can run without a glitch, even if your computer is constantly processing a lot of apps, so you can keep your system running with ease.

Run quick, full or custom scans to detect malware
The security status of your computer is displayed within the main window of the application, where you can turn real-time protection on and off, and view the date and time of the last analysis.
The quick scan takes a look at a few key sections of the system, namely the memory, installed programs, critical areas, the registry, installed drivers, startup items, and temporary folders. On the other hand, a full scan targets all the files on the PC, so it takes longer to complete. A bit different from the scan methods already mentioned, the quick check can identify issues related to privacy protection, adware, temporary files, registry entries, or browser cache.
Run PC maintenance and address adware components
Despite its name, Wise Anti Malware is not exclusively dedicated to finding and removing malware. In fact, it comes with an entire section dedicated to cleaning the system securely.
It can help you take care of file fragments, temporary and old data, log files and cache, shortcuts, and browser-specific items (history, cookies, autocomplete items and stored passwords). Furthermore, it allows you to run registry cleanup without compromising data.
What’s more, the application comprises an adware cleaner that can find pop-up advertisement apps and ad shortcuts, helping you remove them quickly.
Anti-malware and system optimization tool
It’s safe to say that Wise Anti Malware is both a security tool and a system maintenance application. But although it offers real-time protection, its security system has a long way to go before it can be compared to that of a dedicated antivirus or Internet security solution, which can offer zero-day protection and process monitoring.
Whether you decide to use it alongside your permanent security solution or not, what you should keep in mind is that prevention is better than fixing. In other words, you should avoid browsing the Internet carelessly, installing applications from untrusted sources, or opening 384a16bd22

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S Toggle display of selected entries
v Toggle display of all entries
R Rename selected entry
P Copy selected entry
I Paste selected entry
C Select all the visible entries
B Select all the files
q Quit
c Complete the Scan
d Disable and delete the output file
h Hide the Finder window
j Quit
l Select all the lines
L Select the current line
m Move the selected line
w Clear the selected line
e Edit the selected line
p Select the next paragraph
n Select the previous paragraph
i Delete the current paragraph
a Select the current paragraph
r Select the line number of the cursor
u Select the previous line number
t Select the current line number
o Select the current file name
f Select the current file path
w Clear the current file name
z Select the previous file name
Y Select the next file name
x Select the current directory
q Quit

This is the help text.
router [-h] [-u] [-p] [-v] [-r {R|v|P|I|C|B|q|