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KeyMacro is a kind of software that allows you to create macros or actions that will be activated by any key combination. In the same way as MS Office creates an action when pressing the ENTER key, KeyMacro does it.
KeyMacro also adds an automatic action when you press CTRL, ALT and SHIFT keys.
KeyMacro is very similar to AutoHotkey, but KeyMacro can be installed on any PC (not Windows only, as AutoHotkey is) and, in addition, does not require third-party installation.
* simple to use (no learning curve required)
* Can be used to create hotkeys for the Windows operating system as well as for the programs that you may use in your system
* A shortcut to create macros (actions) and activate them with the keyboard combination you want
* easy to use
* user-friendly
* no third party program required
* can use Windows hotkeys, such as CTRL, ALT and SHIFT, to activate your macros
* auto-close of files after opening them
* a special collection for all the hotkeys (key combinations) you may have created
* internal Hotkeys
* Undo & Redo (create macro actions and it will go back, easily)
* History (access to all your macros that you have made so far)
* Filters
* help (online) is found here:
* logfile is found here: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Macromates\Logs\keymacro.log
The MACRO files are installed into the Main folder:
Main: *\Macros\

INDEXER is a free Windows application that helps you to make quick and accurate queries of textual information (e.g. list of words, words related to a certain topic).
INDEXER is divided into two major parts: a Query editor and an Indexer.
The Query editor consists of a list of queries that you may create or import from other applications (e.g. MS Office, Word). You may add a file or a folder as a source for queries.
The Indexer uses the data from the queries, and it produces an index that is based on those queries.
INDEXER also allows you to create custom queries.
Main Features:
* Customizable interface
* Set, d82f892c90

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KeyMacro is a digital key logger utility that secretly records all the keystrokes made with your keyboard. It will secretly record all the keystrokes (i.e. pressing and releasing the key) made with your keyboard. All the recorded information can be saved to the specified file. No other process will be affected when running KeyMacro.
KEYMACRO is very useful to anyone who is concerned about his/her privacy, or about having others snooping on his/her keyboard without his/her knowledge. It will secretly record all the keystrokes made with your keyboard. All the recorded information can be saved to the specified file. No other process will be affected when running KeyMacro.KEYMACRO offers many options that let you customize the way the application performs, while also offering many features to let you manage the saved information. The features include:Keystroke history format: “Windows NT/2000/XP/2003” (The most flexible is the “Windows NT/2000/XP/2003” format, which can record all keystrokes made with the keyboard. It can also record the ones made with the keyboard and the mouse. This is the default format. For the other two formats, please refer to the “Advanced configuration” section.)
File naming: You can choose the name for each file. The default name is as follows: “record.txt” or “record.txt~”. The “~” means “the last one”.
Actions after the recording: You can choose which action should happen after the recording (the button: “Listen to the keystrokes” or “Send the recorded data to server”. If you want to send the recorded data to the server, you should choose “Listen to the keystrokes”. If you choose “Listen to the keystrokes”, the recorded data will be displayed on the screen. For example: after recording, you can check if you have pressed a key by choosing “Listen to the keystrokes” and then pressing the key you want to check. If the key you pressed is “Control” or “Left Mouse Button” then the corresponding file will have “Listen to the keystrokes” and “Send the recorded data to server” actions. If the key you pressed is “Right Mouse Button”, the corresponding file will have only “Send the recorded data to server” action.
Saving to a file: You can select a file as the saved file. For example, if you want to save the recorded