# [INLINE] Return 3D variable address.
inline m_pStorage = ((void *)*(void *)&m_pStorage);
# [INLINE] Set 3D variable address.
inline m_pStorage = ((void *)&m_pStorage);
# [INLINE] Set an array size.
inline m_pStorage = ((void *)m_pStorage) + 3;
# [INLINE] Returns the size of an array.
inline int m_pStorageSize = sizeof(m_pStorage);
# [INLINE] Set a fixed value to the variable.
inline m_pStorage = ((void *)&m_pStorage);
# [INLINE] Set a variable to a fixed value.
inline m_pStorage = ((void *)m_pStorage) & (sizeof(m_pStorage) – 1);
# [INLINE] Return the size of a buffer.
inline int m_pBufferSize = sizeof(m_pBuffer);
# [INLINE] Set a variable to a buffer.
inline m_pBuffer = ((void *)m_pBuffer) & (m_pBufferSize – 1);
# [INLINE] Set a variable to a buffer.
inline m_pBuffer = ((void *)m_pBuffer) & (m_pBufferSize – 1);
# [INLINE] Return the memory address of a memory map.
inline m_pMapping = ((void *)m_pMapping) – 2;
# [INLINE] Set a memory map.
inline m_pMapping = ((void *)m_pMapping) + sizeof(m_pMapping);
# [INLINE] Return the size of a memory map.
inline int m_pMappingSize = sizeof(m_pMapping);
# [INLINE] Set a shader type.
inline m_pShaderType = m_pShaderType;
# [INLINE] Return the type of the shader currently attached.
inline int m_pShaderType = m_pShaderType;
# [INLINE] Return the size of the shader type enum.
inline int m_pShaderTypeSize = sizeof(m_pShaderType);
# [INLINE] Set a shader type.
inline m_pShaderType = 384a16bd22

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– Simple interface to the internal functions.
– Owing to the simple interface, the aPLib code is easy to understand and maintain.
– Support for 4-byte and 8-byte macros.
– Dynamic allocation of macro pool and dictionary.
– Very fast depacking.
– Very fast compressor.
– Small code size and high ratio.
– Small amount of dependency on external libraries.
– Self-deprecating
– Designed to be portable.
– Available for Linux, DOS, and Windows.

//#define TRUE 1
#define FALSE 0
#define INCREMENT_UINT() \
static unsigned int counter; \
if(counter == 0) \
counter = 1; \
counter++; \

/*****************END OF FILE****************/
Portal Vein Thrombosis and Hepatopulmonary Syndrome in an Infant With Extrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt.
We report the case of an infant with non-syndromic portosystemic shunt (PSS) and portal vein thrombosis (PVT) complicated by hepatopulmonary syndrome (HPS). Hepatopulmonary syndrome is a rare complication of PSS and was first described in 1973 in a single patient with PSS and portal hypertension. Since then, over 100 cases have been reported. The main risk factors are a history of chronic liver disease, preoperative portal hypertension, and decreased portal blood flow. Treatment of PVT can be challenging, and the role of anticoagulation is unknown.Q:

How to deploy maven app to WebSphere 8.5

I have a maven webapp (only war file, not ear file, neither jar) which I would like to deploy in WebSphere 8.5.
I have tried to follow the official guide, but I always end up with a not found error:

Error 107: Application Deployment could not find a deployment descriptor
file in application archive [C:\Users\leo.k\eclipse\workspace\CnocVueFoexTest\war]
at org.eclipse.ant.core.DeploymentManager.handleError(
at org.e