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The stepper motor is the most used motor in the World. For the small devices in medicine, for example ultrasound systems, it is necessary to have small high quality motors at low cost.
I have taken an original transformer, i.e. what is sold at the store, and have connected it with other motors to obtain the best out of it. All steppers have an emagnet, that can switch a current through the motor windings. The current is controlled by switches on the driver. I call this a unipolar stepper motor.
The disadvantage of this motor is that the windings of the motor are unidirectional. The motor can only make one move at a time. This is a great limitation, but most of the things are not that. I also call the motor the “most elementary stepper motor”.
In addition to this a bipolar stepper motor is available. These motors have the same windings like unipolar motors, but the winding direction is opposite. A bipolar stepper motor can make two moves in one direction. The difference is as follows. If you have two windings of the motor, one for each direction, the bipolar stepper motor can work like a unipolar motor with 4 windings.
In this demo the motor is a unipolar stepper motor.
Advantages of Stepper Motors:
– They are cheap, about $0,30 (in Poland)
– They work like a unipolar motor
– They are easy to control
– The winds of the motor are easy to connect
– The rotor can be made of permanent magnets
– In some applications they are fast
– There are a lot of steppers for small purposes
– They are cheap

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Step 1: Materials

The stepper motor is already in the package. It is easy to mount on a board. If you don’t want to use a stepper motor, you can use two or three relay motors instead. Or get a stepper motor and another unipolar motor.

The board must be connected with a PLC. You can use a PLC, that has many outputs for the motor. There are also self-made drivers available.

Step 2: Assembly

The inner stepper and outer motor are on the board. There is a small step-down 384a16bd22

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