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Cacidi Extreme Suite CS3 PC/Windows 2022 [New]

This Suite contains many cutting-edge features which make the whole process of document production much easier, quick and accurate.

•Text Pattern Matching (Spot-Minded):

A familiar, if not easy to use, feature which is found in the Cacidi Extreme Suite CS3 but not in any other program. With a simple check box the user can match by area, position, text type or specific word, to any number of texts. This function can then be used to cut, paste, or image import a specific document area or to a template for the selection of similar text areas. The cut/paste options are seen below.

•Copy & Paste:

Including an impressive Paste Array feature for batch pasting of multiple files. The Paste Array is automatically created based on the current settings such as word count, paragraph position, paragraph type (Head, Middle, Sub, etc.), character format and others. The Paste Array can be used to copy all words in a text area or to paste multiple files.

•Precise Image Import:

Manually selecting an area and then scaling the image is a tedious process and can lead to unwanted misprints. The Import scaling tool finds the text-area edge and scales the selected area with a magnifying lens preview of the found text. The imported image can be manually edited or resized in specific dimensions.

•Fully Programmable Formats:

Including a comprehensive pixel format converter tool which allows you to convert all images to vector format or scalable format.

•Mono Color Option:

A cool feature which allows you to create files in a color-mode that can be then be used as CMYK color mode compatible files.

•Document Export to PDF:

Exporting documents to PDFs for use in office applications is common practice. Cacidi Extreme Suite CS3 allows you to export documents to PDF with all the changes made to the images and text since the export to PDF. That is, if the exported document is used in another Cacidi Extreme Suite CS3 run for further editing, the changes will be reflected.

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Cacidi Extreme Suite CS3 is a cutting-edge suite which has what it takes to meet any of your document creation needs!

Mono – RGB (True-CMYK Color Model): This means that the output will be the exact combination of RGB colors that you inputted, i.e.,

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Cacidi Extreme Suite CS3 offers a set of key features that speed up and automate the handling of text, image and barcode content in documents.
Speed up copy-paste with “click and drag” and “drop and go” copy-paste. Even edit any part of copied text or images, like cut and paste or bookmarks. All changes are immediately updated in original and copied documents.
Cacidi Extreme Suite CS3 Key Features:

NEW! Automatic changes to copied images

Automatic opening and changing of bookmarks at all inserted objects.

Automatic generation of pages or inserts for inserted images.

Automatic image scaling from any part or entire page

Runs from internal or removable drives.

Print friendly output and Web applications

Small size, easy to use, user-friendly interface

Cacidi Extreme Suite CS3 is a part of Cacidi Extreme software suite, which also includes Cacidi Extreme Fonts and Cacidi Extreme XML.

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Introducing Cacidi Extreme Suite CS3, a CS3 multi-page document production software that lets you easily produce the catalogs, brochures, pricelists, business cards, and other single or multipage documents containing text, image and barcode content with minimum efforts.
Cacidi Extreme Suite CS3 allows you to:
• Import content like text and image files from your hard disk in different formats, including RTF, PDF, image files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and others;
• Insert or import content from the clipboard and Word-based templates in pages;
• Copy text by dragging it;
• Copy lines/text/image by dragging;
• Insert left, right, top or bottom justified text and provide horizontal, vertical, mirror, and justify image adjustments;
• Set any text color, adjust text typography, change font type and size, apply bold, italic, underline, and strike-out options;
• Insert text in multicolumns, images in frames, tables in grids, and barcodes in hundreds;
• Insert any text format like Verdana, Times New Roman, and others and set the text color, adjust text typography, change font type and size, apply bold, italic, underline, and strike-out options;
• Insert an image or image file in landscape and portrait orientation;
• Create a zero-page document with a custom title and description, print preview, margins, and orientation and add customized footers to it;
• Print the document and export it in MS Word-compatible formats (.doc,.docx,.xls,.xlsx,.ppt,.pptx,.rtf,.odt,.odp, and.ods);
• Create and edit PDF documents with automatic pages breaks;
• Import or cut-and-paste barcode and UPC data from any barcode or code scanner. You can read barcode and UPC data directly from text, insert from a pre-existing PDF;
• Set print resolution and print and export at the same time;
• Export documents to PDF, JPG, PNG, or EMF (Windows BMP and EMF are the default formats) with your own file extensions;
• Choose from 18 different document themes;
• Set your document paper size and import special paper sizes like A4 and A5, and others;
• Use your own printer fonts and paper

What’s New In Cacidi Extreme Suite CS3?

Cacidi Extreme Suite CS3 is designed to minimize data entry time for all facets of document production such as copy/paste, image and barcode scaling, and updating content. This efficient suite of tools is also suitable for dynamic websites, thanks to the robust CSS and HTML editing tools.
The Suite includes several functions of customization to easily change any text, customize or resize an image, and add or move on-screen icons or menus.
You can also manually edit or control the design of a web page using CSS and HTML with a plethora of customization features.
With its highly intuitive interface, Cacidi Extreme Suite CS3 is easy to learn and use.
The program is backed up with up to ten local and one server-based locations, so you can back up your work on one machine, regardless of the number of people and machines involved.
Cacidi Extreme Suite CS3 Key features:
– Create, copy, paste, and edit text boxes
– Remove, resize, and add images
– Automatically update and change the barcode/data on a preprinted form
– Separate and combine layers in a document
– Add, edit, and scale text and images
– Combine and separate on-screen objects, such as buttons, menus, folders
– Clear and sort text
– Update content on the fly
– Insert, remove, and customize header and footer
– Edit and preview html and css styles
– Re-edit and edit existing elements in a design
– Merge web pages into one
– Manually control images and text in a web page
– Duplicate and reorder pages
– Convert to any standard HTML, CSV, PDF or XHTML format
– Insert, edit and customize both static and dynamic web pages
– Protect all pages, print settings, folders, and security from the single, protected file with a password
– Create, duplicate, edit and preview multiple pages, in any combinations
– Set page attributes and printing settings for each page, such as resolution, page numbers, etc.
– Replace text in a page
– Replace image in a page
– Replace image in a page, rotate image
– Colorize image
– Modify image on-the-fly
– Create image links for web pages
– Import, export, and save both static and dynamic web pages
– Re-edit existing elements in a web page
– Create customized registration forms in a document
– Clipboard monitor
– Pagination

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP (32bit and 64bit)
OS: Windows Vista (32bit and 64bit)
OS: Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit)
OS: Windows 8 (32bit and 64bit)
OS: Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
CPU: Intel Core i3
CPU: Intel Core i5
CPU: Intel Core i7
CPU: AMD Phenom X2