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The movement fidelity and fluidity of a player has a dramatic impact on his role within a match. “HyperMotion Technology” has been developed in conjunction with BV Sport. We wanted to increase the dynamic nature of the player and how he reacts to situations. After extensive research, we identified a variety of movement behaviors which have never been represented before and then studied them in depth. We started with “HyperMove,” the movement behavior which includes the player changing direction suddenly, with his body changing shape. “HyperMove” triggers a wide range of movement behaviors. The behaviors range from simply changing direction to running in a completely different direction. How these movements are done also has a direct impact on the player’s role within the team. To incorporate this into the game we created a number of new behaviors and added more visual feedback to enable players to recognize the difference in how they do these movements.

The similarities between the moves are also significant. To be able to evaluate the movement of a player better, we created a small visual feedback which shows the behavior being performed. This reduces the chance of mistakes being made and enables players to demonstrate and recognize their individual style more easily.

In addition to “HyperMove,” there are also greater numbers of situations in which players change direction suddenly, accelerating, decelerating, sprinting, sliding, and using more varied balance and weight-bearing actions. Once the actual behaviors have been checked, we then added visual feedback to enable players to recognize the difference in how they do these movements.

In addition to these changes in behavior, “HyperMotion” also features more accurate player movement physics. This means that players feel like they are moving more naturally in-game, and this helps them respond to situations better.

To give players a more realistic impression of how the team works together, we were able to create new artificial intelligence for the players. When the AI players model how they behave in the match, they also take into account how they have been deployed, what they are expected to do, and where their teammates are to enable them to fulfill their role more perfectly. The AI teams also ensure that the players’ actions are executed with their chosen style of play, so that the players can focus more on the match itself.

“HyperMotion Technology” is the world’s first feature created using motion capture technology and is used in conjunction with other new technologies that we have been working on


Features Key:

  • Choose from 30 national teams, including England, Serbia, Spain and USA.
  • Introducing “HyperMotion Technology,” which captures the whirling movements of 22 footballers as they complete a high-intensity match in motion capture suits.
  • Play in 2K and touch controls with a new physics-based dribbling system.
  • Innovative “Stand in” technology augments viewing angles and provides tactical feedback as players move through the pitch.
  • FIFA 22 delivers a new approach to your favorite sports by providing full integration of FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Play through an original, sequel-free story featuring the debut of the newest heroes and captains in Club Football history.
  • With over 300 licensed players in FIFA, your players will look and feel more like the real athletes. New animations and improved set piece workflows ensure that the game recreations of these beautiful, technically demanding sports accurately showcase the heroes and villains of the global game.
  • Massive overhaul to FIFA Football, which is more than three times as large as FIFA 11. The new in-depth gameplay system features a multitude of elements that adapt to the situation in real-time.
  • Includes new targeting and ball possession mechanics. Manage the timing of transitions from defense to offense to make the most of the counter-attack.
  • Features the largest set of crowds in the history of the FIFA franchise, bringing top-notch presentations and immersive fan experiences to life.
  • “Pitchside TV” returns, where live footage will be broadcast during- and between-games.


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Over 100 million people play FIFA around the world. Whether as a casual gamer or a hardcore competitor, you’ll feel the emotion of the sport and the intensity of the real-world situations that make them unique. Use your skills to master all-new ways to control the ball, and engage in a variety of creative new ways to score and take advantage of every angle.

Fans can get closer to the action than ever before in FUT – the entirely new way to play. The on-field experience has been rebuilt from the ground up for the next generation of consoles. The new MatchDay View – a 360° camera that brings fans right into the action, on and off the pitch, at a stadium near you – and on-pitch improvements around the globe, help you get closer to your favorite teams than ever.

New Ways to Play

The World is Your Stage – The newest release of the award-winning franchise comes to life around you. New ways to play, from the style of any game to the intensity of the competition, create a FIFA experience that is distinct and unique.

Combined Play – Conduct a simultaneous attack between two or more players to create a combined score. Combine your creativity with new Ball Control features, and find the angle to complete each attack.

New Ways to Score – Turn the tables against opponents through new gameplay inspired by authentic real-world situations. New soccer situations, such as the goalkeeper throwing the ball back to his player, provide opportunities to score from the most unlikely angles.

The Pass is Your Chance – Discover new ways to break through an opponent’s defense with movement, space and subtle deception.

New Ways to Improve – Play FIFA in a completely new way with new and more versatile chemistry. Co-op play is back. Set-piece mastery is back. Now, you can perform all-new moves in dynamic ways.

Movement – Control players with the new Ball Control feature, and better predict the direction that the ball will travel after bouncing off of the ground. Rebound the ball, dodge defenders or create space with simple, non-contact movement while using second-person View.

Designed for All Ages – The FIFA franchise is one of EA SPORTS’ biggest titles, and it’s always been designed for the fan who is skilled and casual, young and old.

New Ways to Build Your Team – The world of fantasy is back


Fifa 22 Free For PC

More than ever before, FUT introduces players from over 50 leagues and 300 of the world’s most gifted athletes. Take command of your very own FUT squad with over 2,000 players and select your very own formation to play in. Enjoy thousands of new player cards and create the ultimate squad to lead your very own journey through FIFA in the ultimate way.

Trophies –
FIFA 22 delivers new ways to unlock trophies. This year’s FIFA Trophies are all based around ‘The Journey’.
Win the Fifa Gold Cup with England – Win the tournament and achieve FA Cup Legend status.
Win the FIFA Gala Cup with Nigeria – Win the tournament and achieve the Nations Cup Legend status.
Win the FIFA Confederations Cup with Brazil – Win the tournament, achieve Confederations Cup Legend status and experience the World Cup atmosphere at FIFA World Cup™.
Reach 500 Career Goals – Be the first player to reach 500 Career Goals and achieve the Goal Hero Legend status.
Reach 500 Career Assists – Be the first player to reach 500 Career Assists and achieve the Master Tactician Legend status.
Reach 200 Career Victories – Be the first player to reach 200 Career Victories and achieve the Tournament Legend status.
Reach 200 Career Performances – Be the first player to reach 200 Career Performances and achieve the Playmaker Legend status.
Reach 500 Career Matches Played – Be the first player to reach 500 Career Matches Played and achieve the Legend status.
You can see all trophies that can be unlocked in the Fifa Ultimate Team interface under the Official Competitions page.

PES 2019 is a fast paced and tactical football simulator from the makers of Pro Evolution Soccer. The game brings you authentic football play right down to the final whistle. Whether you are a player at the very top, or at the grassroots level this is a game that puts you in the heart of the action!

Career – Experience the management of a football club in over 24 competitive seasons, from the formation of your first team, through promotion, relegation and the development of your youth academy, right up to winning multiple continental trophies.

Be a Pro – Experience your first steps in the footsteps of a professional footballer. Play in any of the 24 leagues around the world, make your mark in the transfer market and finally play your way into football’s most prestigious clubs, the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup.

MatchDay – Access all the best stadiums in


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Better AI and more accurate animations.
    You may notice more realistic interactions between players and opponents such as improved free kicks and crosses, or more accurate turn-overs from goalkeepers.
  • More power to your dribbling and pass, more shots at goal, more heading accuracy, and more off-the-ball passes.
  • Move more naturally and quicker when attacking. Players recognise more straightforward run animations.
    You can more comfortably slide tackles, chase down a player with more finesse, and score through the keeper better.
  • More responsive and agile AI.

    Increased speed and weight of opponents make their on-ball moves more unpredictable and varied.

  • Enhanced ball physics.


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EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is the official videogame of the FIFA World Cup™ with an improved kickoff, improved balls physics, a new facing off between the penalty spot and midfield, and a new Cross field pass. It also features the only soccer-specific camera tracking: the Goal Control camera, that brings fans closer to the action. The new control scheme and player balancing make the game more accessible than ever before.

N’Zonzi Signing

We are excited to announce that MES Head of Football & FIFA Professional Licensing, Matt Biagi, has signed a historic high-profile deal for EA SPORTS FIFA to have Villas-Boas’s signature on the cover of FIFA! While Villas-Boas is set to join Portuguese giants Porto in the upcoming season, this feature will be available for players to have all throughout the year. Villas-Boas currently possesses the best pass success rate amongst all Premier League players who’ve played over 1000 passes (63.7%). He also has the league’s highest pass success rate amongst midfielders (72.2%). All of Villas-Boas’s 11 assists in 2017/18 have come from the central attacking position.

Exclusive New Player Experience

A new featuring for our best new creator mode, The Journey, allows you to play as Villas-Boas at youth level and follow him throughout his career through to being a Premier League superstar.

Create FIFA Ultimate Team Season

With the introduction of “The Journey,” the 2018/19 season will have a new feature where players will be able to play matches in customised kits, custom boots, and custom celebrations (if you’ve earned them).

In addition to the Ultimate Team modes, EA SPORTS FIFA Season Mode will also be improved with feature updates, a new footballing environment, improved match details, and the addition of the mini-transfer business system.

Player and team news updates will also be included across all of the modes, bringing you closer to the daily news cycle than ever before.

FIFA World Cup™

The FIFA World Cup™ returns with an all-new control scheme, with the addition of Kicking and Butt-Bumping. The talented, world-class FIFA World Cup™ veterans return for 2018, including World-Class XIs like Dutch legend Clarence Seedorf, German World Cup winner Lothar Matthaus, and Brazil legend Ronaldo.


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