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Backing up the contacts on your smartphone is common sense to make sure you can easily recover information if your device gets stolen or your OS has to be reinstalled by force. Luckily, Android, iOS and other operating systems offer automatic backup services by logging in with an account via email.
However, if you want to be certain that you can always reach your contacts and not depend on an OS service or even your smartphone, you can take the old-school method of putting together a contact book yourself (just not on physical paper).
Create a simple phone book to organize your contacts
Simple Phone Book Portable is a tool addressing this category of users, who aren't interested in overly complicated phone book software. Wrapped in a simple interface, it can create a standard database (phone book) of an unlimited number of entries (contacts), each accompanied by any number of custom fields (such as email addresses, birth dates, home and work numbers).
As the name suggests, installation is not necessary, which means you can keep Simple Phone Book Portable stored on your USB flash drive and keep it close whenever you're on the move.
Add an unlimited number of contacts and custom fields
The app window has two main areas for creating and managing contacts and groups, along with contacts, respectively. When adding a new contact to the list, you can set a first and last name, email address, home and work phone number, and website. These are the predefined fields provided by the tool but more can be added with any information.
Furthermore, you can create groups to organize contacts by type, such as friends, family or co-workers. Options are also available for marking favorite contacts, as well as for exporting the whole list to file and importing later to pick up where you left off or to share your contacts with someone else using Simple Phone Book.
Manage contacts in groups and share info with someone else
You can quickly locate contacts by name or field with the aid of a finder, change the text color of each field, make the main window stay on top of other applications, change the default fields displayed when adding new contacts, as well as ask the tool to sort contacts by first name by default.
The tool worked as expected in our tests, remaining stable throughout its runtime. Thanks to its intuitive interface and options, Simple Phone Book Portable should meet the requirements of many users looking for a no-fuss contacts organizer, wrapped in a portable package.







Simple Phone Book Portable For PC

Simple Phone Book is a simple and easy-to-use personal information manager for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. It can store any kind of information for everyone in a structured way. It works like a standard phone book, and can organize contacts, phone numbers, emails, addresses, birthdays, and many other items. A contact can be added with any number of properties, including the birth date.

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Simple Phone Book Portable Crack Keygen For (LifeTime) Free For PC

Simple Phone Book is a simple phonebook for your desktop. It provides basic functions you may wish to see in a personal contact database.
* easy to search and organize your contacts by name, address, email or web url
* create and access groups
* export contacts to a format compatible with major mobile phone providers (csv, maplist), and import them
* import contacts from and export contacts to Microsoft Address Book
* import and export address book from and to Windows Address Book
* export contact to Excel, CSV and HTML format
* support for importing and exporting contacts from and to most major cloud services
* import contacts from Microsoft Outlook
* export contacts to CSV, CSV, HTML and RTF formats
* free edition does not include AD integration and is limited to 100 contacts
* you can use other cloud and sync services like iCloud or DropBox.
What’s new:
* no need to add users on your system, this app supports Active Directory integration
* from now on, the software will be updated periodically (in a few weeks) and you will receive a notification.
Simple Phone Book Portable Requirements:
* a Google Account.
* a basic knowledge of shell command line
Simple Phone Book Portable Screenshots:
Additional info:
Version 1.25 – Added search on ICS(4.x) and jelly bean (4.1) for the Better Search feature.
Added support for AD (Active Directory).
Updates to upcoming release (1.36) will include Facebook integration and download binary format.
Simple Phone Book Portable 1.24 Screenshot:

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Simple Phone Book Portable Patch With Serial Key [32|64bit] (Final 2022)

Download Simple Phone Book Portable from the Google Play Store. It’s FREE & WITHOUT ADS!
Simple Phone Book Portable is a simple and intuitive tool for managing your contacts on your mobile devices. With this easy to use application you can start managing your contact right away.

Stop wasting time trying to find an old address in your phone book. Now you can find and update your contact quickly and easily.
From the people who created Contacts, EasyContacts,, and Yahoo Groups.
You can search through over 700 million contacts to find the right one!
* Easy to search
* Easy to view
* Organize into the default address book and into other folders
* Share quickly and easily with your friends and families
* More than 100 million users rely on EasyContacts.
Download now and start searching with ease!
Updated: December 23, 2011

SMS Backup & Restore is a powerful iPhone backup and SMS app. You can backup your SMS, contacts, and call logs, so that you can easily transfer your iPhone to another phone. It can also restore your backups in the event you lost your iPhone.

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SMS Backup & Restore is a powerful iPhone backup and SMS app. You can backup your SMS, contacts, and call logs, so that you can easily transfer your iPhone to another phone. It can also restore your backups in the event you lost your iPhone.

SMS Backup & Restore Description:

Easy to backup your iPhone

What’s New in the Simple Phone Book Portable?

The user interface is simple.

You can add, edit and delete contacts with ease.

You can see the date each contact was added.

You can add and edit custom fields for each contact.

You can share your contacts easily using the built-in email option.

Download Simple Phone Book Portable

So then you need to add your contacts, and put them in groups you would want to share. Simple Phone Book on Google Play is easy to use, but it also feels very inflexible and very repetitive. You know you need to add the contacts, but it’s a matter of feeling out what you need to do with them. It’s important to remember that when you have multiple contacts or a hundred contacts that this is not a task you will want to perform often. This is where Simple Phone Book on Amazon begins to shine.

Simple Phone Book allows you to keep your contacts organized into groups, which makes it easy to share the contacts you want with your friends and family. If you’d like to share your contacts, Simple Phone Book offers a built-in email system that allows you to send them to your friends and family. This can be done by simply selecting your contact, and choosing the email system from the options in the lower right corner.
You can also save your contacts and export them to your computer for further editing and organization. You can also import a bunch of contacts to get you started.
Because Simple Phone Book makes organizing your contacts simple, you can keep track of a bunch of contacts without feeling overwhelmed.

Additional Features

Easily organize your contacts and share them with friends and family.

Schedule meetings with your contacts.

Send your contacts an email when someone sends you a message, even if you don’t have an active SMS plan.

Simple Phone Book on Amazon is a pretty neat app. It’s relatively easy to use, but it doesn’t have a whole lot of features. For example, Simple Phone Book only lets you keep track of 3 contacts, there’s no way to share your contacts over email or text. This may seem like a big deal, but hey. You can still track your calls over Skype or VoIP, and do other more fun things, like organize your contacts and schedule meetings with them.
If you’re not too picky about the features of your contacts organizer, Simple Phone Book on Amazon can do the trick.

Simple Phone Book isn’t as important, or as important

System Requirements For Simple Phone Book Portable:

This mod is designed to work on any PC built in the last 10 years. The mod does not require any additional programs to work.
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Screenshot Test
Download the Data File and install it.
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