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uSD (University of South Florida) is an open-source speech corpus. The corpus is composed of speech recordings taken from diverse sources, along with transcripts of the corresponding speech.
uSD provides a pre-processed phonetic annotation for each speech file.
It is intended to support application development for improvement of computer-aided speech recognition and/or speech synthesis.
The language coverage is broad and includes dialog, news, call center, and conversational corpora.
uSD provides a text-to-speech tool to convert a text file into speech. uSD comes with the text-to-speech program TTSS which is able to convert text to voice, for example, the conversion is accomplished by using a native ASR for a word or phrase in a first language and apply a text-to-speech conversion for a second language.
uSD is freely available under the MIT license
Note: the installer includes the uSD data as well as a sample TTSS project to demonstrate how uSD is used. It requires the Adobe Reader or equivalent for file support.
uSD Utilities:
uSD includes the “runtimes” that are used to access the corpus. There are separate runtimes for PC, Unix and Windows. The runtimes include facilities for loading various corpus files. All downloaded files must be in utf8 encoding. For example, you could use a text editor, such as Notepad, to open a text file with the runtimes and then load it.
The dict files consist of dic files and dictionaries. The correct term for the dictionary files is “word list”. The dic files provide the entries for each word. The dictionaries provide precomputed phonetic transcriptions. It is possible to activate more than one dictionary at a time. The phonetic transcription can be sorted by “Event Type”.
Dict files:
Dic files are compressed collections of dictionary entries and are stored in the dic directory. The dic files are in the utf8 encoding format. You can drag and drop the dic files into the uSD directory. A user can start dicting with the “dict -c” command and uSD will automatically start loading the dic files into memory. The number of dic files that can be loaded into memory is indicated by the “dictMaxLine” value in the uSD_com_conf.conf file.
Wordlist files are in

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Create, Download and Share your favorite Speech Files!
icSpeech Recorder allows you to easily record the sounds you make, so that you can create, download, edit and share your favorite Speech Files. You can view the recorded audio, and play it back using the included speakers or any sound card. Then, you can download the recorded audio to your computer, organize it into playlists, create & share your own lists, and export audio and visual files.
Main features include
* Create Speech Files using recorded audio
* Create playlists of Speech Files
* View the Speech Files in Windows Explorer
* Edit Speech Files including cut, copy, paste, splice, and reverse playback
* Export audio and visual files
* Download Speech Files using built-in functions
* Export audio and visual files from Speech Files
* Import audio and visual files from Speech Files
* Manage audio and visual files with playlists
* Download Speech Files in FileZilla

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IcSpeech Recorder

Learn to improve
You can also edit the recorded files and change the speed, tone, and pitch of your voice. Add additional information to your recordings, such as your day of the week, the date, your name and time.
Use voice prompts
Allows you to add a voice prompt to your recording to save time.
Convert any normal voice into a…

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What’s New In?

icSpeech Recorder is a neat software solution that allows you to improve your speech, it lets you perform precise measurements on the recorded speech data and create descriptive notes and attach them to your recordings.
It’s designed for professional speech and language therapists or a home users to make recordings before, during and after therapy.
Explore various sections
The first thing that you need to do after launching the application is to plug your microphone into the microphone socket on your computer. You can speak into the microphone and observe the displayed audio waveform.
It lets you adjust the recording level to optimize the waveform amplitude. It has some features that allow you to avoid excessive amplitude or clipping, low amplitude and large amounts of background noise.
Additional features and tools
It allows you to create voice recordings with image prompts, as well as pictures, words or phrases. You can also listen to example pronunciations by simply clicking on each voice prompt.
It comes with the option to record video using a webcam synchronized with the audio, and is useful for viewing lips, teeth, jaw, tongue and facial muscles during speech.
All in all, icSpeech Recorder is a neat software solution that allows you to improve your speech, it lets you perform precise measurements on the recorded speech data and create descriptive notes and attach them to your recordings.
License: Freeware | Price: Free
Platform: Windows | File Size: 4.24 MB

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System Requirements For IcSpeech Recorder:

– Dual-Core or better
– 4GB or more RAM
*NOTE: You can change the background image and sound by using a third party video/sound editing software like Wondershare Filmora.
*The app may ask permission for reading your contacts, SMS, WIFI, camera, and/or location.
*It is used to select a background image and sound effect.
*Please refer to the application’s documentation for details about what information is read and used, and why the application