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El Amor Medicina Milagrosa Pdf

Ramdamanan in ‘Dr. Astamath’ is a doctor with a big heart. He appears in a village as a local doctor. Ramdamanan is a medical student. He is a noble son of the Zamindar. He has a special connection with the village where he studied. He is interested in doing good to the village folk. He falls in love with Sreelatha, a village girl. He is supported by this love from his father. With the helps of his father he gets admission in a medicoschool in a big city. He has to fight against many obstacles on the way. While taking admission and while passing out of medicoschool his father leaves him alone. His brother Ramananda also is no more. Ramdamanan is the only brother left. To support his education he reaches to local politicians. Ramdamanan is forced to earn money from his own hard work. Here is the story of love and affection of Ramdamanan. romance cid Ramdamanan speaks more than a native speaker. During the first years of his study Ramdamanan understands many complex words. But while studying for the final exams he is not able to understand them. His exam is affected by his poor health and also by the sleeping pills he takes. For exams Ramdamanan tries to mix all sleeping pills in one single soft drink. The day of the exam Ramdamanan faces difficulties due to fear of the results of the exam. He becomes more tense. He tries hard. He finds medicine to feel well. He is not surprised in the exam. But at the end of the exam his efforts do not seem to be of any use. Ramdamanan is not happy with himself. He feels disappointed and feels disgusted with himself. Thus begins Ramdamanan’s life where his love for Sreelatha is the centre of his life and the only purpose of his existence. His love and affection for Sreelatha are very special. He tries to make things better for her. He is madly in love with her. His love for Sreelatha is the first thing which comes to his mind at every given opportunity. He has to think about her. His thoughts and then deeds for her. In a way Ramdamanan is the most famous doctor in his area. He is the most popular doctor in the area. He is very popular in the village. He is popular because of his


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