Battlestar Galactica Razor Extended 720p

Battlestar Galactica Razor Extended 720p



Battlestar Galactica Razor Extended 720p

Battlestar.Galactica.Razor.EXTENDED.1080p.BluRay.x264-SiNNERS.DVDRip.Spanish. “We have a cure for cancer.” *This episode only exists as a 180-page graphic novel titled “Adama’s War”.” We have a cure for “.Metallica fans can now get their left and right hand tattooed in honor of the band, with their debut album titled ‘Killing Machine’ and released in 1983.

Los Angeles resident Al Davies has created the artwork for the tattoos after 35 years of being a fan, saying he decided to get the band’s logo at that point on his arm.

And he’s not done there – Davies is working on a new series of tattoos for Metallica fans, which will cost $85.

“My goal is to take people into another world,” Davies said in a statement.

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“By having a moment of perfection, it takes you out of time,” Davies said. “I just want the viewer to get out of this world for a few minutes and appreciate what is happening.”

Fans will be able to check out more of his artwork in his online portfolio.Q:

Fixed background image on click

I’m trying to apply a fixed background image to a div after clicking a button.
I have come up with this code:
function fixImage() {
document.getElementById(‘site-header’).style.backgroundImage = ‘url(“images/fixed-main.jpg”)’;

The issue is that when I click the button it is not fixed, it is still relative. It should be fixed after clicking the button. What am I doing wrong? I’m probably doing something terribly wrong.


Try using
document.getElementById(‘site-header’).style.backgroundImage = “url(‘images/fixed-main.jpg’)”;

instead of
document.getElementById(‘site-header’).style.backgroundImage = ‘url(“images/fixed-main.jpg”)’;


How to know if there is no error on tfs

Battlestar Galactica. Razor (2008) [HD]. 720p BluRay [Xvid], DVDRip [H264]
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Battlestar Galactica: Razor is an American science fiction series developed by Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer, based on the 1978 to 2007 1978 – 1980 series Battlest