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Remove symbols or objects from a string in Python

I have a string:
mystring = “abc 123 abc”

I want to remove symbols or duplicated objects (not) so the result will be:
result = “abc”

I try this function on mystring:

And the result is:
result = “”

I also try this function on mystring:

And the result is:
result = abc 123 abc


Look up str.split() or the equivalent slice notation:
import string


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How to check which role user belongs to?

I would like to get an array of role names.
I have 2 roles:


I can get the user information from $user = JWTAuth::authenticate();
But I have no idea how to get the role if it’s admin or user.


$user->getRoles() will return an array of roles that user belongs to.
Another way is to use the isAdmin and isUser role methods to get if the current user is an administrator or a user.


Question about the logic of the premise of the proof of the existence of the infinity of rational numbers

I am reading proof of the existence of the infinitude of rational numbers and something seems to be wrong with the logic of the argument.
It says:

The rational numbers are countable,
Therefore the rational numbers are not finite.

I don’t understand why we can prove the first clause in the argument. It says that rational numbers are countable, but there’s no reason why we can say that “The set of positive integers is countable” but we can’t say that “The set of rational numbers is countable”. One of them is countable and the other is uncountable. I think this should be false.
What’s the meaning of this part