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IoT Hub send an SMS when application uses error or exception

We are working on to create an IoT application in which we need to send an SMS automatically when the application encounters an error or exception.
And it will work on both local/in-home device (AWS IoT) and on the cloud.
We know the IoT Hub Policy in Azure to only support send messages on events like device connection or disconnection or a sensor changed etc.
So we were thinking to implement the SMS plan on Policy and try to send the message when there is an error or exception.
Is it possible and how we can achieve this?


You can still send a message on errors using Cloud Service EventHubs and Azure Functions. You could create a Function that creates an event.
Trigger only when the event is not null (a real error in this case)

As for working on both local and cloud it is easy, you just have to make sure to have the EventHub created in your Azure Account that has the IoT Hub connected.


Unfortunately, at the moment you cannot do this. You can use Azure Functions to send an SMS to an external number. Note that you will have to set this up first on your IoT device.
There is an ongoing discussion about this issue, and hopefully it will be added to the IoT hub within the next few months.

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